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A Writer's Love

My Adventures in Writing.

February, 2010

Cool marketing ideas!!!

I was puttering on Twitter and came across this youtube:   It’s an easy how-to-write video, something all of us have heard before.  BUT the author has her website printed across the video:  So the author gave me a trail:  Twitter, Video, Website to lovely Andea Rains Waggener and her books.  What a wonderful […]


Oblique Dialogue

I first heard about Oblique dialogue in a writing class I took in 2008. The teacher skimmed over it, leaving me lost, lost, lost. I was in an episode of LOST, cause I was lost!! So me, being the curious creature that I am, went on another quest, but this time to find the elusive Oblique Dialogue. This is what I found from STEIN ON WRITING and reading novels.


Interview with Joylene Butler regarding Self-Publishing.

Self publishing is one of those territories that I always looked at with curiosity and bit of fear until I met Joylene!! She made everything clear for me and now Self publishing isn’t so scary. Thanks, Joylene, for a wonderful and cool interview!!



I stole this from another person’s post.

Ok, so I’m a thief, but I saw this and had to post it!! It’s on the reasons why folks get rejected based on the novel itself and not so much the query.  Interesting stuff!!


First Post on my new website!

Wow!! I have my very first, honest to God, aren’t you excited WEBSITE!! Yeh!!!


Old Posts:

These are my old posts from my old blog. I’m putting them all here now.


When Characters Rebel . . .

So the story is done and ready to go. All I need is an agent and a publisher. Oh, and the Marines would be nice too, if I can get them. You see, my characters have done a good old fashion mutany on me.



As I said before I signed up for Twitter, then got away from it, and have come back again.  It seems PARNORMAL ACTIVITY used mostly Facebook and Twitter to promote their movie. and it was a wonderful success.  They used Twitter and Facebook to push the movie and the “It scare me half to death” […]


How to connect your blog to Twitter/Facebook

HA!!! Who said I’m not techy!!  Here’s a wonderful Youtube video for how to connect all the social media together.  Post here, get twitter automatically.  Cool, huh? Now, let’s see if it works?



I’m always looking for new friends with links.  If you want me to post your link, then let me know.  I just ask that you also post mine.  We’ll have tea and cookies.  You can sit next to Bessie, she loves making new friends, as long as they feed her.  :)))


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